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April 2016

Finding Beauty in Swoyambhu

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IMG_0363IMG_0366IMG_0364IMG_0406Sabriha Kharim is a beautiful young girl who speaks more often with her eyes, sips tea very quietly and manages to pose beautifully for annoying amateur photography students like us even after 30 or so shots! She studies in grade 1 ( but clearly skips school- I met her at the Swoyambhu stupa on Friday, having gone there for a morning photography session from class). 

She lives in the Pakistani galli near Swoyambhu. I remember cringing as  one of the old men humming bhajan rudely told  the children to go away when they were posing for  photos. The prejudice that exists is astounding!

 Furthermore, I cannot help feeling a little guilty for having taken a part of her in these photos; that’s what they are- a portrayal of her innocence and beauty. 





Paper: Chinese cartridge.

Medium: Quill pen and Ink

I made these drawings using quill pen made from peacock feather and home-made ink( the ink and pen I learnt to make as a part of my Art materials and methods class project). I drew them from black and white ( edited) photographs. After dipping in the ink pot, I first drew the darkly shaded parts and slowly sketched out lighter areas as the ink finished in the quill pen.

Street photography: Neon temples

i1 (2)i1 (1)i2 (2)i3 (2)i4

Theme: Temples

Device: Phone, Xperia Z1 ( on auto)

Element of art chosen: Color

Time: around 7pm

I’ve clicked these photos as a part of my photography class project where I have been assigned 5 photos on a theme and an element of art ( line, shape, form, color, space, value, texture).

Walking home , a blue and green lighted temple by the street grabbed my attention. I had just pressed the camera button when a certain bike headlight zooming towards me forced me to move( I was standing in the middle of the street:) . I accidentally ended up with abstract colorful lines instead of colorful dots. Then I set off to deliberately click more such photographs. These are what I ended up with.

Hide and Seek



Candle in the sky

I took these photos about a week back in one of lanes in Thimi, while walking home from college( around 4 pm I guess!). The peeping sunlight seems to play hide and seek as the children’s voices ring through the narrow lanes. I like the contrast as well as the candid children in these photos.

Big fish small fish

i1i3i2Thought I’d start at  before the beginning.. we’ve been assigned to post five photos for our photography project.( But what the hell!) I’m posting photos I took for my final project last semester.

These photos represent isolation and fear. In the first photo, I wanted to show isolation from the perspective of a group. In the second, I wanted to show a sort of shadiness/ danger. The third photo, I wanted to be  about being chased by something bigger than oneself.

Quick sketch!

Quick sketch
A colorful grey eyed man

Did this 5- minute sketch on one of recent morning visits to Patan Durbar square. Lots of willing models!:D

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