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IMG_0363IMG_0366IMG_0364IMG_0406Sabriha Kharim is a beautiful young girl who speaks more often with her eyes, sips tea very quietly and manages to pose beautifully for annoying amateur photography students like us even after 30 or so shots! She studies in grade 1 ( but clearly skips school- I met her at the Swoyambhu stupa on Friday, having gone there for a morning photography session from class). 

She lives in the Pakistani galli near Swoyambhu. I remember cringing as  one of the old men humming bhajan rudely told  the children to go away when they were posing for  photos. The prejudice that exists is astounding!

 Furthermore, I cannot help feeling a little guilty for having taken a part of her in these photos; that’s what they are- a portrayal of her innocence and beauty.