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So… I have a wierd love/hate relationship with photography. I especially HATE taking photos when I have to take photos ( okay, who doesn’t?!). Well anyway, this morning I’m walking around Patan Durbar square with my camera and I see a whole public bus-ish crowd of pigeons, a shot-type old lady selling stuff , et cetera.  I click a litle this and a little that but I’m bored as HELL.

Suddenly! A vision on my right! ‘History of Studio Photography in Nepal’  Ongoing Exhibition in Patan Museum.


Okay aaaannyways, I went in.  I was looking at this large portrait of two women looking somewhere beyond the frame when I felt a longing to be there, in that space between the actual setting of the photograph and the present- I think it is in the aura lent by the lens of a camera, transcending the image from that of two posing people to something more. I don’t know…Well then I felt like all these images are not really of those people from a certain time ago- instead just a different world created by the camera.I felt like I wanted to be with them, these characters of a photographic world. So .