I am writing after so long.. I feel relieved but also a little scared?… Ohh! I had forgotten the joy of writing!! But what do I write? mmm I would like to write a story..so what is this story going to be about?!hmm well once there was a little girl in a small universe. I say universe because I picture tiny illustration sized black holes and bright big stars where she lives and not at all the crowded streets and concrete buildings and noise of people like it is around us. No… she lived alone, you see. There was no one else she had ever met or seen besides herself. She wandered through the universe among stars, she would go from one nebulae to another, she would stand and gaze at the swirls of colored clouds become stars or she would aimlessly fly around planets and asteroids and such.

As she walked and wondered and smiled and became sad, she wondered why she was sad. Moreover, she wondered if there was something wrong with her sadness, with HER. Now she grew more anxious. For she saw all around there was beauty and wonder but she still felt sad. Once this thought crossed her mind that SHE was not how one (well literally since she was the only one) ought to be… she felt unhappier and unhappier. Well if I am wrong, how could anything I think or come up with be right?! She was afraid now. She suddenly jumped up and ran. She ran and ran till she stopped to look at a huge asteroid belt swirling around a black hole. She watched the jagged rocks fly above, below, past one another, often smashing, colliding, breaking. As she stood watching, her focus moved from the forces in the rocks to the almost slow, rhythmic motion of all those rocks around the hole. She watched as rocks from the periphery took long turns going round and round and round until they reached the center where they vanished. Rocks came near, stayed close for a while then grew apart. Some collided, broke off, went away towards the periphery then again went round and round and round till they reached the center. In all this, it was not known when she fell asleep.

                          (true story)