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Street photography: Neon temples

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Theme: Temples

Device: Phone, Xperia Z1 ( on auto)

Element of art chosen: Color

Time: around 7pm

I’ve clicked these photos as a part of my photography class project where I have been assigned 5 photos on a theme and an element of art ( line, shape, form, color, space, value, texture).

Walking home , a blue and green lighted temple by the street grabbed my attention. I had just pressed the camera button when a certain bike headlight zooming towards me forced me to move( I was standing in the middle of the street:) . I accidentally ended up with abstract colorful lines instead of colorful dots. Then I set off to deliberately click more such photographs. These are what I ended up with.


Hide and Seek



Candle in the sky

I took these photos about a week back in one of lanes in Thimi, while walking home from college( around 4 pm I guess!). The peeping sunlight seems to play hide and seek as the children’s voices ring through the narrow lanes. I like the contrast as well as the candid children in these photos.

Big fish small fish

i1i3i2Thought I’d start at ¬†before the beginning.. we’ve been assigned to post five photos for our photography project.( But what the hell!) I’m posting photos I took for my final project last semester.

These photos represent isolation and fear. In the first photo, I wanted to show isolation from the perspective of a group. In the second, I wanted to show a sort of shadiness/ danger. The third photo, I wanted to be  about being chased by something bigger than oneself.

Quick sketch!

Quick sketch
A colorful grey eyed man

Did this 5- minute sketch on one of recent morning visits to Patan Durbar square. Lots of willing models!:D

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